How to Upload Video to WordPress Without YouTube?

An exciting way to enhance your website’s aesthetics is to add a video. Not only is this visually appealing, but also engaging. It also provides a fantastic user experience to your audiences.

Presently, the most commonly-used video hosting platform is YouTube. When it comes to video streaming, Youtube is the major player.

But, video streaming is not limited to a single platform. Moreover, there are dozens of different platforms which you can go and embed videos from.

So, this blog includes a complete guide to uploading and embedding videos without the need for YouTube. You can choose any of these techniques based on your preference.

First, let us start with a few essential topics regarding website videos.

Why Should You Add Video to Your WordPress Site?
When someone visits your website, they must find it easy to learn about your business/brand. You can achieve it by telling stories through videos instead of writing bland facts.

For that purpose, we recommend you rely on videos. It is an excellent medium for sharing your brand’s story more clearly and efficiently.

When you add a video to your site, it encourages visitors to engage with your content. Your audiences will spend more time on your site. So, it increases the probability of them buying your products/services.

Besides, when visitors stay longer on your website, it enhances your SEO performance.

The duration for which your visitors stay at your site is the dwell time. Google considers it an essential ranking factor. Thus, videos help your website rank on the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Most internet users have a low attention span, so they most probably will not study your entire web content. Moreover, when you provide written information on your site, not everyone will read it to the end.

That’s where video comes to the rescue!

It requires less effort to watch a video than to read the entire text on your website. This approach prevents the possible communication gap between you and the visitors.

You can add the crucial information on your short introductory clip at the Banner section of your homepage.

Best Video Marketing Practices to Follow in 2022
Video is a primary component of marketing strategy. You need to follow a few suggestions to promote your business effectively in 2022. Here is a list of the five best video marketing practices that you need to remember.

  1. Grab Your Viewer’s Attention Quickly
    If you enjoy browsing the internet, you already know how quickly you can lose interest because of lousy content. Now, put yourself in your target audience’s heels. Don’t let them feel the same thing while watching your video.

And yes, always think out of the box for video ideas. For instance, watch a short ad from Poo~Pourri toilet deodorizers. This ad can grab almost everyone’s attention within a couple of seconds.

  1. Identify What Moves Your Audience
    You can create a mind-blowing video, but your consumers might still not appreciate it. In such cases, you need to identify your target audiences. If they don’t like it, your video will be of no use.

We won’t recommend creating flashy videos with several cartoon characters if you’re targeting the elderly generation.

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